The most private side of the mountain is expressed in the words of the famous mountaineer Walter Bonatti. Venturing right to the top, outside your comfort zone, lets you see the world from a different angle and your eyes and mind to roam free. Walking in the mountains embraces many different aspects and it leaves everyone free to bring their own needs and expectations to this activity. You can approach it as a sport and choose your destination based on the effort it will take, or prefer a trail because it is the most scenic, or pick the trails you feel safest on. The beauty of any route lies not only in your destination but also in the satisfaction and physical and mental gratification you get from the entire journey. Walking through nature is always good for you, whether you are in the woods, among rocks or in the wide open spaces up on high.

Val di Sole offers all these different options: easy strolls through nature, more difficult excursions with unexpectedly beautiful scenery or technical hiking up in the mountains. You can set off a map in hand or in the company of a mountain expert. You can use the chair lifts or cable cars to take you uphill, opt for less beaten trails or choose one that includes a stay in a mountain refuge.