On the calendar of the world’s top circuit, which from next season will pass to the management of ESOSport – Warner Bros Discovery, is also the big event in Val di Sole, which in 2023 will take place from June 30 to July 2. World Cup events in three disciplines, Cross Country, Cross Country Short Track and Downhill, will be held in Val di Sole.

The first calendar of the new World Cup course, for the first time combined with that of the Enduro World Series, consists of fifteen venues in ten countries, spread across three continents. The new early July slot will place Val di Sole at a pivotal moment in the racing season, giving continuity to a prestigious history that has seen great mountain biking make a permanent stop in Trentino for more than a decade.

Before shifting its gaze to the future, Val di Sole is looking forward to the final event of this World Cup season, the grand finale scheduled Sept. 2-4 in Daolasa di Commezzadura. With almost all the World Cup scepters still looking for their masters, an exciting weekend is expected and, as always, one of very high technical content.